Saturday, June 19, 2010

Housecleaning encore

A 2010 summer reading list, Aok teacher's calendar site,'s link to public libraries (fun reading ROAR, NYC's newsletter and calendar), Pediatrician's importance of reading to toddlers article, Columbia's Go Ask Alice info site, Carol Hurst which I think I must have as a sidebar, somewhere? health of all kinds questions and info for girls...,Medline great bereavement site with links for families and children, Family Education book lists broken down by age, Great extensive list and links of kid's magazines, extensive hispanic/Latino list of books and what else, more lists.

Some housecleaning

Going through my "faves" to clear up stuff, half of which I think I have had since library school and am loathe to just delete - so let me toss it all, over time, here Lyre's links to good links, the kids on the web many links, extensive links to authors site here, the zero to three page for child development, Over at Infoplease, list of best-selling hc children's books of all time up to year 2000, The Five Owls site, Enchanted Learning's pond site printouts (why do I have this? Well, we are near two large ponds we call lakes so..., Authors among us - librarians who are authors page,'s picture book directory, and I have run out of steam for now...