Friday, November 28, 2008

neither fish nor fowl

Not quite sure what to make of this blog - I have been so sporadic with my posts here and never quite found the footing for it.

So, for now, hibernation.

Maybe come spring, we'll wake the bear.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Mother Goose's Little Treasures review

I hadn't heard of a number of these short and delicious rhymes, all rich with rhythm and nonsense and cha cha hurdy gurdy fun. Children with their serious schools and no child left behind testing and cell-phone ears need to get their sillies in fast and quick while they're young. Rosemary Wells' illustrations compliment the telling of nursery rhymes with perfection - fantasy rooted in commonplace, serious farmer roosters and bunnies and chickens on the phone and Handy Spandy pipers in striped hats all seem possible in her warm and colorful world. Note to grown-ups alarmed that the rhymes make no sense...add an "n" and that's the deal, squeal.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Friends of the Library

I went to the Friends of the Library booksale on Saturday - as usual a great haul! Not shown - a hardcover Kate DiCamillo book (looks new, one dollar), a coffee table sized collection of the works of a cartoonist someone in my family likes (4 bucks!), and an assortment of really great children's nonfiction all currently hidden away in my closet as they will appear under our Christmas tree. In this time of frugality, check into what your friend's group at the library is doing. I also purchased a series of prints (25 Cents each) that would look great framed. Our Friends group raises money for our children's programming among other things - such a win win deal to support them and get great stuff to boot!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Random round-up

I probably enjoy the internet more for random items more than anything else. I love that people post their hobbies, their passions, their quirky interests. Since I am guilty of the same with this and my other blog, clearly I feel the kindred spirit love for this history, and for an earful of celtic music from way back when which I found on this website which has a ton of celtic info of potential interest.
Love these fabulous notebooks on Etsy. When taking an archival class, we all cringed at the idea of the "altered" book since there is the probably quite realistic fear of wonderful (and valuable) books being led to slaughter. However, these are the sort I find at booksales that are charming and need a home and no doubt welcome being transformed into useful and quite fabulous items. She has some extremely cute things that may be turning up in people's Christmas giftbags so I should probably shut-up now. I'll end with a perverse pleasure, the art of Banksy, since I am in a mood and have been all day, and sort of just love the graffiti'd Thomas.